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#TBT Seiko Navigator TimerAfter a one-week hiatus, #TBT is back!  Ironically, your author was using a plane for high of the past 2 weeks, that produces this week's edition a lot more special.  Enjoy!If you are like me, spent lots of time abroad for work or pleasure. I honestly go through periods where I forget who I had been speaking with about what and where I held the conversation. Using this type of instability that may be generally accompanied by fairly radical time zone changes, travellers including myself search for tiny problems that assist make globetrotting easier. Favorite passport holder or document keeper? Check. Certain set of two headphones that stop the chattering plane neighbor or panerai 1950 , worse, loud snorer? Check. In terms of checking some time zones and life elsewhere worldwide, though, traveling watch collectors will often be fascinated by some sort of watch which makes traveling just a little bit easier. This particular watch or, better, the complication is termed the GMT. Oh, and as an FYI, because i type this, My business is 8 hours off from GMT sitting in a classy but sunny Mexico.When the majority of us imagine a GMT, we immediately can recall the Rolex GMT that was developed with as well as for Pan-Am pilots within the 1950's watches . It became the first watch to produce a central second time zone by way of a 4th hand and also a rotating 24-hour bezel. While that model is different rather after a while, still looks somewhat exactly the same. The vintage GMT's are preferred by mine speculate they may be Rolexes they've also been expensive. In the present edition of #TBT, we'll take a look at a very credible and affordable vintage alternative: the Seiko 6117-8000 Navigator Timer.The Seiko Navigator Timer is just one of those replica watches owed in different vintage Seiko collector's suite. This is an absolute classic as much as design with a few great colors, presence and functionality. In connection with last point, similar to Seikos, the Navigator Timer runs flawlessly. The 6117-8000 version we view today is largely the next generation of GMT watch from Seiko and was introduced within the late 1960's. It replaced a mid 1960's version which was inside the 6217 family and featured a dial loaded with different cities. One could rotate an internal bezel towards the area of their choice as a way to show again zone. It's a neat, albeit archaic and busy looking piece. The 6117 in our article includes a far more rugged, sporty look that matches in well plus the 6106 Sport Diver we recently featured here. I've also included it in many side-by-side shots to provide a fantastic comparison too.The Seiko Navigator Timer features an externally rotating 24-hour bezel a lot like a Rolex GMT, but also in the way it is of Seiko, it's not Pepsi-colored and even black. It's steel colored much like the case with black writing, which provides it an understated, yet purposeful look. It includes a lume pip at the zero hour which is adorned with serious, business-like font. The stainless case is essentially the just like around the 6106-8100 Sport Diver and has a cushion shape with non-hidden lugs. The crown, similar to Seikos, sits at 4:00.When we start the dial, we some nice changes around the Seiko Navigator Timer as opposed to the Sports Divers. First, you'll notice that the watch only includes a date and no day. While I'd argue that per day would often be good for a travel watch (how many of you've woken up somewhere around the entire world not understanding the day??), the watch looks cleaner using the simply date window. Second, you can see an awesome little red hand with an arrow-shaped tip. This, obviously, could be the second time zone hand. Such as early Rolex GMT's the second time zone hand isn't going to move independently. Together sets any time, the red hand moves forward and essentially runs at half the interest rate of the normal time hands. This is accomplished by linking it to the date wheel function. To indicate some other time zone, one aligns the external bezel for their liking so that you can indicate time both at home and wherever else. It is relatively simple and effective cheap replica watch . Another thing worth mentioning is that the Seiko, unlike the first, and in many cases later Rolex GMT's, comes with a quick-set date function. I cannot show you how very convenient this really is, particularly for a watch which is used for travel. Date changes are accomplished by turning the crown as opposed to typical push-in for other period Seiko's. Like I said, it is easy and makes wearing the watch much more convenient than many of my other non quick-set pieces.Inside sits a traditional Seiko automatic that can not be hand wound due to technique magic lever. It can be in accordance with the 6105A movement found inside Seiko's 6105 dive replica watches. It is a 17-jewel movement that runs at 21,600 bph and hack.Whenever we focus on wrist presence, I do believe the Seiko Navigator Timer wears adequate to suit with today's trends, yet it's not some massive monster like so many of the current GMT pieces. I like the design of an original bracelet, but it is often seen in stretched condition. The piece you observe in this article came without a bracelet and so i paired it using a rugged, thick leather 19mm NATO. Funny enough, I met some other watch collectors a few days ahead of offering in California and saw my exact same watch on a similar strap. Needless to say, this piece looks great with a brown leather strap. Swiss Watch Movements As said before from the article, the Navigator Timer is one of those pieces that Seiko collectors pine for but automobile classic looks and colors; it attracts plenty of general vintage watch collectors also. So, let's discuss finding one of them pieces.Obtaining a Seiko Navigator Timer does often require some patience. They actually do appear in forums as well as on eBay from time to time but they are usually heavily bid upon or sold quite quickly. They entered a variety of colors such as white and silver even so the gray is very much hottest and prevalent. Also, many pieces are heavily worn or contain the incorrect hands. Also, examine the chapter ring since these often show serious damage due to water entry. Mine, as we discussed inside pictures is within nice shape aside from showing some lume rot using one from the hands. Thankfully, the hands with this model were normal with various other pieces so finding a replacement set or keeping them relumed should do the key. A unique thing to note is the majority of the chapter rings and hands still glow! I have come across this on numerous pieces it's tough to believe relumes have occurred across the board. Finally, I've got no idea what Seiko was using on this model, nevertheless it might belong in Homer Simpson's workplace!With regards to pricing, expect the Seiko Navigator Timer 6117-8000 to fall somewhere within the $200-500 range. When i are aware that can be a wide selection, the sales prices often surprise me. The piece I own sold for $200 and I've seen rattier pieces often cost $300 or even more. So, at the time, the industry appears to be almost everywhere, therefore you can still find a very good deal should you be patient.I think you will enjoyed this brief discussion and consider the Seiko Navigator Timer; read the large gallery below.  It's on the list of great vintage Seiko pieces to represent a fantastic, slightly different partner when roaming around the world. Plus, unlike the Rolex version, you'll not see these daily. Remember, for those who have some stories regarding your piece or some pictures, make sure you share with the comments are below!