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Patient Results

It is the responsibility of each patient of this practice to call the practice to find out the results of their test or procedure. Generally, blood tests will require a minimum of 3 days to process, however, specific information will be given by your doctor in relation to the average waiting time for results.

If your test or procedure returns a result that requires action of any type, you will be contacted personally by a member of our team via telephone.

Each time you are contacted by clinic staff you will be required to provide 3 types of positive identification – your Name, Date of Birth and Address.  This ensures that results are given to the correct patient. If you would like someone else to collect results for you, you must notify the practice personally prior to the results being released.

Only the Doctor or Nurse will provide specific information relating to test results.  Receptionists will only advise you if results are available and if the doctor has checked them and identified that no action is required.

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