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Unfortunately, we have had a number of patients fail to honestly disclose their health status regarding symptoms.  Any attempt to deceive our staff or doctors will be met with an instant dismissal from our premises, removal of the patient and their dependents from our books and we have to right to choose to not see the patient or their dependents again. Additionally, as we continue in this volatile period we will not tolerate any abusive behaviour (see below) 


As of 18.01.2023, Mask are no longer mandatory in the practice. QLD Health COVID-19 traffic light has been downgraded to green.

Please feel free to continue to wear a mask if you wish, as some staff and Doctors will continue to wear masks.


We are continuing to offer standard telehealth appointments at this current time. In most cases, the Doctor will be able to treat your health concerns via this consultation. Likewise, If the doctor determines that you will require an additional face-to-face consultation, the following processes will then apply.



As from the 6.03.2023, if you are unwell with any fever, respiratory, ear, nose, throat, or abdominal illness we are now offering these appointments in the practice.  These type of appointments can be book online via Hotdoc or by calling reception on 07 3110 2747.

With COVID-19 still active in our community we ask that any patients making a cold/flu appointment do not book if you are positive to COVID -19.

The patient booked in MUST complete a rapid antigen test on the day of the appointment.  A declaration form is to be completed truthfully for this type of booking declaring a negative result to enter the practice.

Please wear a MASK when entering the practice if symptomatic with Cold/flu symptoms.

Please note: Providing false information about the RAT test can result in the practice discharging the patient from our care and thus arranging transfer of records to another practice.




If you are unwell and have tested positive to COVID-19 via Rapid Antigen Test/PCR.  Please call reception to make these type of appointments on 07 3110 2747.

Please DO NOT book online.

​Many things can be done via telehealth.   If a physical examination is required a scheduled appointment will be offered to you by the practice in our Yellow Pathway Clinic.  Your face to face appointment will also be charged an additional facility fee, this amount will be advised by reception upon booking as differs for adults and children (on top of our standard charges) to offset our increased PPE, room access, cleaning and staffing costs to manage these circumstances.  

Please wear a MASK when entering the practice if symptomatic with Cold/flu symptoms.

If you have any queries, please speak with our reception team.


Unfortunately, recent circumstances have led to an increase in negative interactions between patients and our staff.

We highly value the work of our clinical and administrative staff, particularly under these sustained challenging circumstances and we aim to be polite, helpful and sensitive to our patient's needs and circumstances.  We ask you to treat our staff with the same courtesy.
Abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in patients being asked to leave the practice, with their records being transferred to a new practice nominated by the patient. This is non-negotiable.

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