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Billing Policy/Outstanding Accounts

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It is a policy of Brookwater General Practice that we require payment for appointments at the time of the appointment. If your account remains outstanding, we will be in contact via registered post with a warning letter to inform you of a freeze on your ability to book appointments at the practice until all outstanding invoices are paid.

At this point, there would have been multiple attempts to rectify this on our behalf, unsuccessfully.

If your account remains outstanding after receiving two warning letters to finalize, an official letter of notice that if full payment is not received within 30 days you will be permanently discharged from the practice.

If you no longer wish to remain with our practice, we will transfer your records to a new practice of your choosing at no cost to yourself upon receipt of a signed medical records transfer request.

We also know that some of our patients might be experiencing financial difficulties. If this is the case, please call to discuss this with the Practice Manager on 07 3110 2747.

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