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Diabetes Clinic

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Mylife Medical will be offering a nurse led clinic starting 2024, to bring support in managing your diabetes, by our practice nurse Kelsey. She will be ensuring you are up to date with your review and make contact regarding preparation for your consultation with your GP.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects almost 1.9 million Australians currently, it is considered a modern epidemic that is challenging healthcare systems globally.


Part of managing this condition and subsequently reducing the impact diabetes has on your individual health and the national health care system, comes down to regular reviews and management of diabetes related symptoms.


It is recommended that these reviews are conducted 3-6 monthly, in which a medical review, physical assessment and discussion of home management and lifestyle factors are looked at.

We hope that by conducting these reviews, you will notice a positive impact on your health, your diabetes is well managed and any complication that may arise is promptly identified and treated. We hope to also identify further resources to access via a GP Management Plan that will provide you with subsidised visits to allied health providers who will enrichen your diabetes management.

Process to Managing your Diabetes 

  • We encourage that the appointment for this review is booked at least a week in advance to ensure pathology is completed

  • Nurse phone call within the week prior to appointment – reminder for outstanding pathology, prompt for attending specialist appointments. If you have not received a pathology form or lost your copy, please let the nurse know at this point so it can be addressed.

  • Attend appointment –

    • Confirm pathology results

    • Observations (blood pressure, pulse, respirations, oxygen saturation and temperature) + measurements (height, weight, waist) + BGL

    • Skin/feet check – we will check for sensation, distal pulses and any concerning wounds

    • Diet/lifestyle discussion

    • Home management discussion – are you comfortably managing your condition at home including self testing and medications?


Tests before the appointment


This will be prompted to be completed for each of your diabetes reviews, it is recommended to be completed 3-6 monthly

This result gives us a guide as to how you managing your blood glucose levels by providing an average of your levels for the last 10-12 weeks. 

The target is to maintain a result of 7%


This will be prompted to be completed for each of your diabetes reviews, it is recommended to be completed 3-6 monthly

This result gives us overall results regarding your kidney and liver health, alongside electrolyte levels in your body

Triglycerides, low density lipoproteins, high density lipoproteins

This will be prompted to be completed for your initial review, it is recommended to be completed once per year unless requiring extra monitoring for abnormal results.

High density lipoproteins are considered “good cholesterol” as it aids in removing excess deposits that can block your blood vessels. Low density lipoproteins however are considered the “bad cholesterol” which transversely attracts the deposits to your vessels, increasing the risk of blockage. Triglycerides are another type of fat that circulates in your blood from extra calories in your food.

Microalbumin + albumin/creatinine ratio

This test looks for minuscule amounts of albumin in your urine. Albumin is a protein needed for tissue growth and healing. It can leak into your urine when your kidneys aren't working as they should. The test can find out if diabetes has damaged your kidneys.

Allied health and Specialist appointments


It can be overwhelming making decisions around healthy eating when newly diagnosed, a dietician can help guide you with food choices and how to make this achievable in everyday life.

Diabetic Educator

Diabetic educators’ are an accredited health professional that specialises in ensuring you are well equipped to manage your diabetes. They provide education on the condition, dietary and lifestyle changes to make, testing your blood glucose levels at home and medication management if needed. They work together with your GP and other specialists to ensure you receive a comprehensive level of care for this condition.


Those with diabetes are more likely to develop problems with their feet due to changes in blood flow, nerve sensation and wound healing. Checking your feet with a podiatrist identifies your risk level of developing complications and can guide you as to how often you should have them reviewed.


Poorly managed blood glucose levels in diabetes can damage the blood vessels in your eyes, causing long term damage and changes to your vision. Annual reviews ensure that any changes are found early and reduce the risk of long term damage.



An endocrinologist is a medical professional who specialises in a range of hormone related conditions including diabetes and can provide a comprehensive management plan to manage your condition.

This change in process will be conducted over 2024, with feedback being welcomed throughout the year. We hope that this change will be positive and become an ongoing fixture in the practice.

Please feel free to email any questions on this process or your feedback

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